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Vs. Meat by Laura Villanueva Guerra

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  • Кулинария / Развлечения


Food Art Experience 

Laura-Ximena Villanueva Guerra, from Tausendsuend, the best pastry Chef in town created an amazing art experience translated into a menu focusing on indigenous recipes and dishes, which are disapering mostly because of the mass production of meat.
Taking up her heritage from Chile and Bolivia linking to the history of indigenous Latin American food and the beliefs of native americans, their respect for mother nature and animals, who were in most tribes respected as equal in rights to human. At a very new concept space by Chris Glass. 


Mote con huesillos (non alcoholic)

Strawberry and tomato soup, pebre,
chapa bread, charred herbs

Mushroom ceviche, cochayuyo salad, crunchy potatoe skins
with parsley

Porrotos granados (traditional cranberry bean stew), humitas chilenas (sweetcorn pasties)

Grilled fresh figs and peaches with
lemon and mint sauce, tarta milhojas

Hamburg born food designer, Laura Villanueva Guerra worked as a chef and pastry chef in several businesses, including the store at soho house.
With her company "Tausendsuend" she offers organic and handmade pastries and cakes, including vegan and rawvegan options, as well as savory food.
her supper club project "an introduction to" focuses on simple produce and techniques, working with just seasonal products.
She works closely with local organic farmers.
Laura Villanueva Guerra gives vegan, rawvegan and wholefood cooking and baking Workshops for children and adults and provides consultancy services.
Laura lives with her husband and their 4 children in Berlin.


Info: info@foodartweek.com

SUPPORT A CAUSE: Part of the money collected at this dinner will be destinated to support the Food Art Week

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