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Shared Reading Club | every other Wednesday in Kreuzberg

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Join in and have a go at Shared Reading®

It really is a magical experience to read a text with time at your hand und focused attention. I rarely take the time, to read like this - fully immersed, inspired by and engaged through thoughts by others. It´s a rediscovery for me.
Hannah Nordqvist, Shared Reading - Member

Literarische Unternehmungen (Literary Enterprises) re-opens Shared Reading Club @Impact HUB to welcome everyone interested in a great short story, a poem and digging deep to hear, to feel and to share what´s on the page and what we make of it.

"It is almost as if I´ve found a little treasure chest."
Marianne Wallbaum, Shared Reading-Member

"A small group of people in a room. Great literature is read aloud. People react."
Dr. Jane Davis, Founder, The Reader Organisation

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