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International Pub Crawl Vienna

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  • Кулинария / Развлечения


The home of Mozart, schnitzel and the world-famous Viennese Balls, Vienna knows how to surprise visitors with its splendor and history. But Vienna hides also a very intensive nightlife waiting to be discovered. 

Join this exciting 4-hours pub crawl at the first bar located in the center of Vienna, get the first free drinks (0,5l Henineken/Guinness/Cider+shot) and prepare yourself to dive into Vienna’s intensive nightlife. Visit 3+ of the biggest and most known pubs, lounges and club in Vienna, enjoy the other complementary free shots reserved for you in each of the venues, be part of the games and challenges that will keep you excited for the entire night and what is the most important, have: A NIGHT FULL OF MEMORIES. 

You will crawl and share this experience with many other fellow travellers from all over the world. Keeping your best interest in mind, the number of the guests in the crawl is always below 50, making sure that everyone gets to know each other, feels as part of the group and has a great night. 

Get ready for a big ending in one of the local clubs. Skip the line and don’t worry about the entrance fee because everything is covered.  It’s time to have a blast!

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