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Fintech Safary Berlin

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Welcome to Fintech Safary

Fintech Safary brings together startups, banks, financial institutions, investors, and other stakeholders in the developing financial technology sector. 

Over two days in Berlin, a startup hotspot in Europe, participants will get to know companies through founder talks, take part in workshops and discussions on current issues in Fintech, engage with decision makers, and explore new and relevant areas of development - Not at a conference venue, but where the magic happens: in the offices of the companies.

Visit our website for all details, participating companies and schedule


Fintech Safary participants are carefully selected. Sessions are intimate by design, so you can meet relevant companies and individuals who are interested in the same topics, dealing with similar challenges, and willing to share their hard-won experience.

Get to know decision makers from Fintech-related startups in Berlin, across Germany, and other countries; representatives from banks and financial industry corporations; investors and VC funds focused on fintech; and a select handful of service providers.

Explore & Expand

Explore current challenges in Fintech from regulatory regimes to legal issues to data security requirements. Deepen your understanding of how these challenges impact new entrants, new products, and new channels developing out of digitally-enabled solutions.

Expand your knowledge of different areas that Fintech innovation is happening in, like payments, consumer banking, credit & funding, investment, accounting, insurance, blockchain, and digital currencies.



Choose the Startup ticket if you represent a startup. This ticket gives you access to share stories with other startups, meet fellow colleagues within the Fintech ecosystem in Berlin and from around Europe, connect with investors from leading venture capital firms and build your network amongst representatives from corporations and financial institutions. The flexibility of our program lets you decide based on your needs.


Choose the Investor ticket if you are an investor. You will meet the most innovative startups within the Berlin Fintech ecosystem, spanning across product areas and life cycle stages. You will have the chance to hear their stories and understand their existing investment needs. Fintech Safary will also feature many other investors from Berlin and from across Europe so that you can grow your own network.


Choose the Corporate ticket if you represent a corporation or a financial institution. Meet the founders and executive teams at the most innovative Fintech startups in Berlin, visit their offices, learn their culture and establish your network for collaboration. Fintech Safary will be attended by startup representatives from across Europe, as well as your counterparts from other organisations. With this ticket, our team members will be on hand to support you in developing your itinerary and facilitate relevant connections.

Job seeker

Apply for the Job seeker ticket if you are a job seeker interested in working with some of the most innovative Fintechs in Berlin. To apply, please have a 300 words cover letter ready. We will share a sanitised version of your profile with our startups and companies and they will select who they wish to attend. If your profile is selected, it will be shared with your sponsoring startup and you will receive a free ticket to attend Fintech Safary. That will mean that this company is interested in you and wants to talk to you. To let other participating companies you are interested in know that you are looking for a job, talk to them during Fintech Safary.

- You can apply for your free job seeker ticket until 6 March 2017 by sending an email to contact@startupsafary.com -

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