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User Centred Design Thinking - Basics and Application

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The Alex@Ingenno Factory Talks are a series of events about the process of creating and designing new visuals, products, brands, interfaces and more.
The purpose of the talks is to present and explain how a design project starts and unfolds, what the key-players are, what challenges to expect and how to anticipate them.

Design Thinking as a problem solving set of tools and techniques

A lot of people believe that Design Thinking describes the way designers think, while it is more about how designers can learn to think like users. Design Thinking can affect mainly the early stages of the creative process, although it is also a great toolkit for learning how to think out of the box in many different situations and projects. You are invited by Alex@Ingenno to attend an interactive presentation of the basic principles of Design Thinking. He will show some examples of creative projects and how Design Thinking was applied that cases. 

About Ingenno Design & Alex:
Ingenno Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Berlin, providing strategic consulting and creative services for user-centred UX/UI, industrial, product, branding and visual communication design. Alex Didaskalou is the founder of Ingenno and has a long experience as a Design Director, researcher, consultant and lecturer.

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