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DharmaBrunch #5 - Yin Yang and the Wu Tang

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For years the yin-yang symbol has been found in western pop culture, mostly associated with ‘hippies’ and travellers pondering the depth of their appointment-free lives - ‘It’s all about balance man…’

And yet the symbol and philosophy is also influencing the expert minds on seemingly diverse subjects such as climate change, quantum physics and medicine, as well as hip hop pioneers. How? Why?

This time at the Dharma Brunch we invite Elise Carla Beer who has spent years studying various traditional medicines and philosophies. She is a qualified TCM acupuncturist, yogini and holistic nutrition practitioner. After a relaxing yoga session we will discover with her the significance of the YinYang in its profound depth and how it can be a guide to understanding some of the key issues in the world today. Our focus, however, will be on how this symbol guides an entire complex medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)) and how you can use this philosophy in profound and simple ways in your day-to-day life. Yin-Yang Theory can provide illuminating solutions for problems such as: Headaches, anxiety or existential frustration.

The Event ends with a most scrumptious brunch, where you can get in touch with everyone and ask more in-depth questions about Acupuncture, YinYang, Nutrition and so on.

‘What is well planted will not be uprooted.’ – Tao Te Ching

‘Tree of life, more precious than Wu, is the golden game.’ – Wu Tang Clan (A Better Tomorrow)

About Dharama Brunch

Dharma is a Sanskrit word and can be roughly translated to your lifes purpose or path. Living your Dharma means being free from fears, doubts and according to tantric philosophy happiness, success and Dharma are the same thing. (more info on http://dharmabrunch.com/)

A DharmaBrunch is therefore a relaxing event where we do yoga together, talk about yoga and at the end feast together. Strangers become friends and you have a wonderful time. The whole event is about 4 hrs.

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