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Rise of AI - the Future of Humanity

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See riseof.ai for schedule and speakers details.

Artificial Intelligence is eating the world. The Rise of AI has impact for companies, governments and your personal life. It will change healthcare, energy systems, communication, transportation and industries. Artificial Intelligence could be the last invention of human kind. That is why we should talk about AI, its opportunities and its challenges.

For the third time the Rise of AI conference will take place in Berlin.

350 entrepreneurs, researchers, politicians, journalists, humanists and investors will meet to learn about the status of Artificial Intelligence, hear possible futures of the Rise of AI and discuss its implications for society and human kind.

The conference offers inspiring keynotes by AI entrepreneurs, SciFi Authors and AI researchers. There will be workshops to discuss more recent questions, live demos by AI startups and autonomous drone shows. 


Rise of AI is a full-day conference for game changers, opinion makers, influencers, multiplicators and knowledge seekers. We are connecting AI entrepreneurs with AI investors, corporations, media, researchers and politicians


We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day. AI is already eating our personal world, we just do not realize it always. Therefore we have to understand the status of AI in 2017. We have to share our visions for AI until Singularity. We have to discuss the implications of Rise of AI for our Human life, companies, society and politics.


We believe in speakers, who have a clear message, a mission and a vision of the future. We have selected each of them, because they have experience to speak in public and share a strong oppinion about Artificial Intelligence.


After every talk, the speakers will be around for at least 30 minutes in the speakers corner. Go there, meet them, ask them question, do business or continue your discussions.


Every participant shares your interest in Artificial Intelligence and has his/her own thoughts about the future. We encourage to meet, to talk and to exchange ideas.


As speaker and entrepeneur Fabian has visited conference all over the world. He understands that content is king and the audience has to be well chosen.
Veronika runs her own event management agency in Berlin and has organized conferences in Europe and USA. She is passionated about AI and creating unforgettable memories.


Where else should we speak about Artificial Intelligence, when not at the place where human technological progress is on exhibition. The Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin is a space for inspiration and glory. We can honor the past’s achievements before we speak about the future.

See riseof.ai for schedule and speakers details.

This is a private event. The host has the right to execute domestic authority (Dt. Hausrecht) at any time. Unwanted persons will be expelled. The host has the right to refuse the sales of tickets without reasoning. 

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